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IsYour Rusted Guttering Leaking And In Need Of Gutter Replacement?

Leaking or rusted gutters can start off as a small problem, but it can quickly turn into a major disaster causing structural damage to your home. Leaking gutters cause timber rot, damaged eave sheeting and electrical problems that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs! This means that, the moment you notice a few drops it’s a good time to call the experts at Westcoat Perth`s Roof & Gutter Restoration Specialists and we will provide you the right advise on your gutter replacement.


Gutters become rusty and leak over time resulting in repairs or your home may need a gutter replacement. Westcoat provides you professional advise when it comes to re-guttering as we are Perth`s home renovators first choice when it comes to gutter replacement, we only use genuine Colorbond gutters that come in a range of Colorbond colours and profiles that is backed up by a 20-year warranty from Bluescope Steel.

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Fascia is an important part of the gutter replacement process, timber fascia is usually rotten, metal fascia can become rusty or the paint maybe in poor condition. Westcoat provides a range of services to suit your budget to restore your homes timber or metal fascia. A cost affective product is our Colorbond fascia covers that cover the existing timber or metal fascia on your home, we also offer a provide an in house fascia painting service.

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Down pipes are what takes the water out of your guttering system, not having enough down pipes or if they are not working properly can cause structual damage and roof leaks. Colorbond down pipes come in both round and square profiles in the full range of Colorbond gutter colours, Westcoat provides you a written quote with professional advise on your down pipe requirements to ensure your home is protected from our wet weather.

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50% Of Gutter Replacements Are Not Installed Correctly

Thats right, 50% of all gutter replacements throughout Perth do not fix the problems you originally experienced before you had them replaced. Poorly installed gutters from un-skilled contractors with little knowledge leaves their customers frustrated when they cant get in contact with the original installer to fix the problems which results in becoming a big part of our work load. It ranges from cheap Chinese gutters, poor cuts, not enough down pipes, using old gutter clips or having broken and damaged ridge caps from the installation, theres not a week that goes past were customers ring us up and ask if we could help them with their poorly installed gutters. Always get a written quote detailing your requirements, ensure they have insurance, check their trading name or A.B.N number through A.B.N search and most importantly Do Not Pay Cash.

Westcoat Perth’s Roof & Gutter Restoration Specialists has over 25 years’ industry experience in the replacement and installation of gutters, fascia and down pipes throughout Perth, Western Australia. Westcoat only use genuine Colorbond that comes with a 20 year Bluescope Steel warranty. To install the new gutters when re-guttering we need to pull up tiles and in some cases we break the ridge capping. Once the gutter replacement is complete we will put the roof back together replacing any broken tiles or repointing any ridge caps we have damaged from the install. Westcoat`s fully insured installers are uniformed qualified trades professionals that will leave your home completed so you need not worry about getting your roof repaired from any damage incurred from your new gutter replacement. Westcoat specialise in single and two storey homes providing our services to residential, strata and commercial properties of all sizes and are available to all the local suburbs throughout Perth. Call the professionals at Westcoat Perth`s Roof & Gutter Restoration Specialists today for more information on your guttering requirements.

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