Is Your Roof Dirty or Covered in Moss?

If your roof looks old and is covered in moss, lichen and dirt you may be surprised at how easily it can be brought back to life with a simple Roof Cleaning package from Westcoat Perth`s Roof & Gutter Restoration Specialists.

Terracotta Roof Tiles

A terracotta clay roof becomes covered in moss and lichen which can cause roof leaks and damage to the tiles, our roof cleaning method to your terracotta clay roof tiles will remove all the moss and dirt, we also apply a fungi treatment to prevent moss & lichen re-growth which also assists in softening the moss for a more simplified cleaning process…

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Concrete Roof Tiles

When getting a roof cleaning quote for your concrete roof you have to be careful you are getting the right advise. Concrete tiles have an oxide coating that makes the roof its colour, the wrong method will result in removal of this oxide damaging your roof. We give you the right advise on the best roof cleaning method for your concrete tiled roof…

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Colorbond Metal Roof

Your colorbond roofing has a build up of dirt on it or it becomes chalky and faded looking, cleaning your Colorbond roof will brighten up the look of your roof leaving it looking fresh and clean. Its important to get the right advise as older aged metal roofs can be damaged if you apply the incorrect roof cleaning method and may remove the roof colour…

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Concrete & Terracotta Clay roof tiles will become covered in moss and lichen over the years, this completely changes the appearance of your roof making it dirty looking and in some cases a health risk. The moisture in this lichen growth can potentially weaken the roof tiles over lengthy periods of time, moss can also build up and cause blockages in the water channels on the tiles. This will cause an internal leak resulting in ceiling or structural damage if left unchecked.

Our large industrial- strength pressure cleaners remove all the moss and dirt accumulated over the years and leave clay tile roofs looking almost Like New. No matter how much built up your roof has from over the years we can bring it back to life. You don’t need to worry about the mess either. Our fully insured workers always clean up thoroughly afterward, meaning you won’t have a driveway full of moss and broken tiles at the end of the job.

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