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Is Your Home’s Roof Coating In Need Of A Restoration?

If your roof has cracked tiles, leaks or its dirty and tired looking a roof coating will not only give you great street appeal, it will extend the life of your roof making it water tight and increasing your homes value. Our roof coating service is the renovators choice for Perth home owners when it comes to coating a concrete and terracotta clay roof tiles. We don`t rush the roof coating procedure as we ensure our process is applied using the best methods whilst only using the highest quality roof paints within the roof coating industry Perth, WA.

Roof Coating Colours

Theres a big difference between coatings and membranes with the quality of the paint reflecting the difference in the cost of the roof coating quotes you receive. Roof membranes are 3 times thicker than the cheap roof paints, quality roof membranes will cost more giving you a long lasting quality roof coating that will make your home look great using Nu-tech`s range of 36 contemporary and modern colours have proven superior reliability for the past 44 Years….

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Heat Reflective Coatings

Is your home uncomfortable on those hot summer days, heat reflective coating works by reflecting the suns rays from the surface of your roof. Heat reflective coatings when applied through the roof coating process will reduce the internal roof space heat build up giving you cooler internal living temperatures whilst reducing costly air conditioning expenses. Heat Reflective coatings will not only protect your roof but create a more comfortable living environment for you and your family….

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Roof Coating Warranty

Westcoat Perth`s Roof & Gutter Restoration Specialists are qualified licensed tradesmen with 25 Years experience in the roof coating industry in Perth, Western Australia. Our uniformed tradesmen are fully insured professionals that clean up all and any mess leaving your home as clean as we found it, the roof coating of your tiled concrete or terracotta clay roof will lift the appearance of your home and is backed up by a written 10-Year Warranty….

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If Your Roof Is leaking, Has Broken And Cracked Ridge Caps Then Its Time For A Restoration…

Our fully insured workers have extensive knowledge in the roof coating application procedure delivering quality workmanship above industry standards, every roof comes with a written warranty covering workmanship and products. If you have an extensive damage to your concrete and terracotta clay roof tiles, or you’re just looking for a stylish new look roof, we have the reputation for reliability, service and customer satisfaction guaranteed for your roof coating requirements.

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Broken & chipped tiles are replaced followed by a full roof inspection of all flashings, valleys and vents to ensure the roof is watertight.


Once the roof has been repaired and before we start the roof cleaning we spray the roof with a fungal treatment to ensure no moss or lichen re-growth.


Your dirty roof will be pressure cleaned to remove moss & lichen. The roof is then rinsed down with the gutters and down pipes flushed clean.


The ridge caps are re-bedded were required and then pointed with flexible cement that expands and contracts with roof movement.


When the roof is completely dry from the cleaning and repairs a complete coat of primer – sealer is then applied to the roof to ensure adhesion of the paint.


The final stage is applying the two top coats of quality Nu-Tech Roof Membranes that is applied at the correct thickness that`s guaranteed to last.

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On Your Roof And Its Restoration…

We offer a free roof quote service to all the local suburbs throughout the Perth metro area! Whether your tiled roof is a Concrete or Terracotta Clay roof tile we can transform the appearance of your home with a Complete Roof Restoration, leave it to the experts and Contact Westcoat Perth`s Roof & Gutter Restoration Specialists Today! You don’t need to worry about the mess either. Our fully insured workers always clean up thoroughly afterward, meaning you won’t have a driveway full of moss and broken tiles at the end of the roof restoration job.

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