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Does Your Colorbond Roof Need Painting?

Roof Painting gives your roof a fantastic renewed new look, vastly improving your properties overall presentation – you’ll be amazed at what a difference painting your old and faded Colorbond roof can make. Roof Painting an old or faded metal roof is cheaper than you think, you can choose from our range of modern and contemporary paints that will re-new the look of your roof as well as lift the appearance of your home at a fraction of the cost of a new metal roof replacement.

36 Roof Paint Colours

Theres a big difference between roof paint and roof membranes with the quality of the paint reflecting the difference in the cost of the quotes you receive. Roof membranes are 3 times thicker than the cheap roof paints, quality roof membranes will cost more giving you a long lasting quality roof painting job that will make your home look great. Nu-tech`s range of 36 contemporary and modern colours have proven superior reliability for the past 44 Years.

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Heat Reflective Paints

Is your home uncomfortable on those hot summer days, heat reflective roof paint works by reflecting the suns rays from the surface of your roof. Roof painting the heat reflective paint on your Colorbond metal roofing will reduce the internal roof space heat build giving you cooler internal living tempartures and reducing costly air conditioning expenses. Heat Reflective paints come in the complete Colorbond colour range.

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Roof Painting Warranty

Westcoat Perth`s Roof & Gutter Restoration Specialists are qualified licensed tradesmen with 25 Years experience in the roof painting industry in Perth, Western Australia. Our uniformed tradesmen are fully insured professionals that clean up all and any mess leaving your home as clean as we found it, the roof painting of your Colorbond roof will lift the appearance of your home and is backed up by a written 10-Year Warranty.

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Roof Painting Doesn’t `t Just make Your Home Look Great, It Will Prolong The Life Of Your Roof Too…

Perth`s climate is tough on your roof, Colorbond metal roofing often shows considerable loss of its original colour in as little as ten years. This is due mostly to oxidisation and salt born air, as the Colorbond roof looses its colour the metal sheeting is exposed the our harsh environment causing the roof sheeting to rust which will reduce the life expectancy considerably. If your roof is leaking, has rusted sheeting, screws or is looking worn and torn the team at Westcoat Perth`s Roof & Gutter Restoration Specialists can bring your roof back to life.

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All rusted and broken roof screws are replace with new class 3 type screws, rusted screws not only cause the roof sheeting to rust it also can cause problems when the longevity of the roof.


A rust treatment is applied to any surface rust present, any rusted roof sheeting and flashings will be replaced with newer products as the rust will present painting issues of the roof.


Your Colorbond metal roof will be pressure cleaned to remove any chalky paint and dirt build up. The roof is then rinsed down with the gutters and down pipes flushed clean.


When the metal roof sheeting is completely dry from the roof cleaning a coat of metal etch primer is then applied to the roof to ensure a good adhesion between the roof and the paint.


The final stage is applying the two top coats of quality Nu-Tech Roof Membranes to your Colorbond metal roof, when applied at the correct thickness its guaranteed to last.


Roof painting is a cost affective alternative to roof replacement, it seals, protects and prolongs your roof from the environment whilst a fraction of the cost on a roof replacement.

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Your Existing Roof Painting Colour

Whether your Metal Roof is in need of Roof Repairs such as Gutter Replacement, Roof Cleaning or you would like to transform the appearance of your home with our Roof Painting services, leave it to the experts and we will provide you a detail roof quote on all your roof repairs providing you the right advise on the roof painting requirements. Our fully insured workers will ensure your roof is repaired correctly and is leak free, whilst ensuring the roof painting is completed in a professional manor that can stand up to Perth`s harsh weather conditions for years to come. Protect your most valuable asset and Contact Westcoat Perth`s Roof & Gutter Restoration Specialists Today!

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